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Nuoret naiset - 22 vuotta
Ikä22 vuotta
Pituus156 cm - 61 in
Paino58 kg - 128 lbs
Hiusten väriVaaleanruskea
Hiusten pituusPitkä
Silmien väriKastanjanruskea
Mitat61-110-112 cm - 24-43-44 in
RinnatIsot rinnat
Seksuaalinen mieltymysAs a romantic bisexual person, I can say that I am attracted to people of more than one gender when it comes to love and romance. I don't feel constrained by gender norms that dictate who my partner should be. Instead, I focus on what it might feel.
Sukupuolielimen ulkomuotoPaljas
Etninen ryhmäLatinoamerikkalainen
Kiihottaa minuaIt turns me on when they take my buttocks, their hands go up my back and reach my hair, they kiss me and reach mutual pleasure, I like to fulfill sexual desires, that they whisper desires in my ear and be able to reach the climax both.
Ei kiihota minuaI don't like not being talked to during sex or not doing an oral before having sex, being rough with me, I like attention to a certain extent, that's why I like interaction, doing new things that have me experience, monotony It is also a factor which
LempiasentoI really have several, I like the missionary position, preferably on top with my legs on his shoulders, like doggy style, also those two could be said to be my favorites... but if you ask me about a top, I would be 1. doggy style 2. Missionary
Puhutut kieletRanskaEnglantiEspanja
FantasiatIn my deepest dreams, I have the perfect life with the man of my dreams. He is my true love and my best friend, someone I can share every moment of my life with. Together, we have a home that is our sanctuary, a place where we can feel safe, comfortable,

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Hi, how are you? Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a woman who enjoys reading, cooking, and tennis. Books have been my company in the loneliest moments and have been an endless source of inspiration. I love immersing myself in the stories and feeling like I'm living adventures alongside the characters. When it comes to cooking, there's nothing that makes me happier than preparing delicious dishes for those I love. Cooking is my way of expressing myself and sharing my love for others through food. I love experimenting with new recipes and flavors and seeing the happy faces of those who try my dishes. And last but not least, tennis is my great passion. Since I was a child, I've always been a big fan of this sport. I love watching the games, following the players, and of course, playing myself. On the court, I find a way to challenge my limits and have fun at the same time. In summary, my life is full of exciting moments thanks to these three passions. Each one of them has helped me grow as a person and find my place in the world. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me.

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28.9.2023 20.03
27.9.2023 15.59
Great body, cute face, sweet girl!!!
16.9.2023 20.36
8.9.2023 22.37
absolutely dashing
3.9.2023 15.32
Très sexy
27.8.2023 15.42
27.8.2023 15.27
Perfect. I will come again
13.8.2023 15.40
12.8.2023 22.03
Elle est parfaite sur toutes les formes !
8.8.2023 20.53
16.7.2023 11.14
Una experiencia única y "salvaje" Un orgasmo que pocas personas pueden lograr!
2.7.2023 8.20
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🇨🇭from Switzerland 🇨🇭 One Diamond 💎
11.6.2023 11.10
Salope et carrément trop Bonne Préfère les Mecs plus vieux
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